Why Do I Have to Register My Rides?

Jul 30, 2020 03:29 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

Why Do I Have to Register My Rides?

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Mileage registration arises from the requirements set by the tax authorities. And of course not for everyone: mileage registration (translated to Dutch: Rittenregistratie) has been created for the business driver without additional tax.


You pay additional tax when you drive more than 500 kilometers privately with a business vehicle. Addition is a certain percentage of the new value of your car, provided it is younger than 15 years. Vehicles older than 15 years have a percentage of the current value. However, this is only possible for entrepreneurs and not for employees. This addition is seen by the government as an extra compensation, if you can also enjoy it privately. And that is why you pay addition: addition is added gross to your wages.

No addition

Driving a business car without additional tax is also an option. If you choose not to pay additional tax, this applies to the entire calendar year. You can only switch around the turn of the year to pay or not to pay additional tax. Have you chosen not to pay additional tax? Then you can drive a maximum of 500 kilometers in private with your business car. However, you are then obliged to keep a conclusive trip registration.

Closing mileage registration

Mileage registration must meet a number of requirements according to the Tax Authorities. These requirements are as follows:

  • License plate, brand and type of vehicle;

  • Driver;

  • Date of trips made;

  • Ride numbers;

  • Start and end mileage per trip;

  • Start and end location per trip;

  • Number of kilometers driven;

  • Nature of the ride: business, private or commuting.

If you keep all this information neatly in combination with an agenda that matches this, then you have a good trip registration. Please note: you must keep this data for at least five years, because the Tax and Customs Administration can always request data from you with retroactive effect. Do you want to have conclusive trip registration? Then have a Black Box built in your car. Usually that just happens on location. Check immediately whether your supplier is affiliated with the Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen. This way you know exactly whether your trip registration is conclusive or not.

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