How To Detail Your Vehicle's Interior Like A Pro During the Pandemic

Jun 18, 2020 03:59 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

How To Detail Your Vehicle's Interior Like A Pro During the Pandemic

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Statistics from Governing indicate that  every USA household has 1.8 automobiles, and these autos need special care from owners or car pros. If you're used to getting your car interior detailed by the experts and you want the same immaculate results while you're social distancing, you should know that these tips will make DIY car interior detailing easy. Once you've followed some practical steps, your car interior will be clean and inviting. Car interiors that are detailed to perfection are healthy and fresh, and taking good care of a vehicle's interior will also help you to  keep your auto's value high, which is good news if you plan to sell it on in the future. Detailing a vehicle regularly is a great way to protect an automotive investment.  

De-clutter your car interior

When it comes to vehicle interiors, some are messier than others.  Any clutter should be cleared away before the DIY detailing process begins. To be sure that you get the best results, remove all garbage and supplies from your auto. This means removing all fast-food wrappers, blankets and travel cups. If your car has floor mats, remove them, too, as it'll be easier to clean when they are outside of your vehicle. 

Vacuum and treat carpet stains

In a mechanic's shop, pro mechanics and their assistants have the right tools for diagnosing car problems, fixing those issues, and maintaining vehicles. For example, a mechanic might use a long tube with a camera at the end called an articulating borescope ( to diagnose the cause of car trouble, without actually taking the car apart. Similarly, a mechanic might have the tools to give your car the perfect look, such as  a wet-dry shop vacuum, which is used to give vehicle interiors that sparkling-clean look. Luckily, you don't need to invest in a wet-dry vacuum in order to detail your auto yourself. Almost any vacuum should be work. Start by vacuuming the car mats you removed, and follow this by vacuuming the floors and upholstery in your car. 
The next step is spot-treating carpet stains. Most car owners use foam cleansers made just for this purpose. The foam is rubbed in with an applicator or brush, or with a moist cloth. The last step is repairing any tears or frays in the carpeting. Some people prefer to leave auto carpet repair to the pros. Others stitch up carpeting on their own or add patches of new carpeting. 

Clean hard interior surfaces

Next, it will be time to clean the hard interior surfaces in the cabin. Sometimes, these surfaces are made of plastic. They might also be made of faux-wood or genuine wood, such as burled walnut. What's most important is to choose a cleanser that's safe for the hard surfaces in your car. If you have questions about what's safe for a particular surface, consult your owner's manual, or contact your local dealer.
Wipe down surfaces with cleanser on a clean cloth. Buff dry with a soft chamois. If your car has rubber floor mats, you should be able to use the cleanser to clean those, too, but be sure to remove the mats before you wipe them down. 

Clean windows and interior air vents

After you've taken care of your car's carpets, cleaned hard interior surfaces, rubber mats and upholstery, it'll be time for the finishing touches. Use a window cleaning product to get the inner sides of your vehicle windows shining. Then, clean your vehicle's interior air vents with a soft brush, such as a clean, unused paintbrush.

Now that you know how to detail a car interior the way that the pros do, you'll be able to do it yourself with just a few simple products and tools. Once you're done, you will find that spending time in your vehicle is very pleasant. During the pandemic, cleanliness is more important than ever, so detailing your auto's interior is a good step to take to ensure that germs aren't trapped in your vehicle. 

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