Get More Miles for Your Gas Gallon: United Car Care Explains How to Cut Your Auto Fuel Bills

Feb 10, 2020 03:28 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Get More Miles for Your Gas Gallon: United Car Care Explains How to Cut Your Auto Fuel Bills

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Every driver would rather keep their money in their own wallet than hand it over more often than necessary at the filling station. As gas prices have steadily increased over recent years, keeping fuel costs under control is increasingly important. In this article, United Car Care reviews some simple and real-world tips on how to get the best gas efficiency out of your car.

Make City Driving Smooth and Easy

Especially in the stop and go flow of city traffic, sudden starts and stops drain any vehicle's fuel economy. Aggressive acceleration from traffic signals or stop signs typically leads to the need for much more intense braking as well. Rapid acceleration and braking place stress on your vehicle's engine and brakes in addition to significantly reducing fuel efficiency. Further, in normal city traffic, there is absolutely no advantage in total trip time from jack-rabbit starts and sudden stops.

Watch Your Idling Time

When your car is parked and running, your fuel efficiency is effectively reduced to zero, as your engine is running and requires fuel for cooling even though not traveling at all. If you need to park for some period of time, consider shutting off your engine and getting out of your car when you can. Rather than sitting in a food drive-through for 15 or more minutes, you can usually get out, walk inside and get back on the road faster than idling in line. Any time your vehicle sits idle for more than about 20 seconds, it is usually more efficient to stop and restart the engine.

Pay Attention to Prices and Use Rewards Cards

Watching gas prices and filling up when you find the best deal available can significantly cut your overall fuel costs. There are apps available that provide nearly real-time information about gas prices near your location. In some areas, it is not uncommon to see short-term price reductions among competitors that quickly add up to nice savings on a full tank. Also explore card options, as some credit card issuers offer cashback promotional savings with some fuel retailers. Some big box stores and grocery chains also have shoppers' card benefits on fuel prices with accumulated points. If you shop with one of these retailers regularly, you might find that card points can add up to big savings.

 Keep Your Windows Rolled Up and Use Your Air Conditioning System

Older vehicles suffered significantly in efficiency when using air conditioning. Modern vehicles are designed with highly efficient air conditioning that places minimal stress on your vehicle's engine and fuel usage. On the other hand, driving with your windows rolled down does place a large wind resistance load on your vehicle, and can drive your fuel efficiency way down. At highway speeds, the drag becomes even more pronounced. Keeping your window rolled up whenever possible takes full advantage of any vehicle's aerodynamic design.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Fuel efficiency is directly affected by tire pressure. You should know the manufacturer's recommended range of tire pressure and check your tires regularly. When any tire is under the recommended pressure, your miles per gallon will suffer. Overall handling and tire life are also reduced when your tires are not properly inflated.

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