Finer points to inspect when buying a used Ford F-150

Feb 06, 2020 02:18 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Finer points to inspect when buying a used Ford F-150

Finer points to inspect when buying a used Ford F-150
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Even if you're not necessarily a fan, Ford is a good and reliable automobile company. Ford has been setting the standards in terms of driver enjoyment and technological innovation for years now, offering class-leading cars and trucks. However, that doesn't mean that they're without fault. Ford's F-series is without any doubt the United States best-selling vehicles. Why? Because it delivers formidable value and consistent innovation. If you're interested in buying a Ford F-150, congrats because you couldn't have made a better choice.

It's the total package. Not only is it great for hauling, but it also has a comfy interior. In case you didn't already know, Ford is planning to get rid of its entire car lineup in the years to come. So, if you want to get your hands on a used truck, don't waste any more time. Do your research and make sure the automobile you're buying is a good deal. Take into account the following points to make the best decision ever:

Decide what type of Ford F-150 you want

F-150, i.e. the star of the F-series, has been around for a long, long time. Over the years, the automobile company has provided various packages and editions, which means that there's a lot to choose from. The thirteenth's generation (2015-present) is characterized by changes in the body components. All of the parts are made from aluminum, so they're lighter and don't rust. This generation of F-series comes with a powerful and fuel-efficient Diesel engine. Let's not forget that the F-150 is the first-ever vehicle to earn a 5-star crash test rating from NHTSA.

The point is that you have to make up your mind. Before you search the auto market for a truck, figure out what kind of Ford F-150 you want. There are different models of Ford trucks presenting differences in terms of appearance, dependability, and capabilities. If you want a pickup truck that gives you room to roam, yet that ensures high performance, consider getting the F-150 lightning, which was launched in 1999. It has more upscale features than modern trucks. Needless to say, the only option is to get the XL trim.

Run a VIN check

Before you see the vehicle to assess its condition, make sure to run a VIN check. This will help you get a good idea of the automobile's background. VIN is an acronym and it stands for vehicle identification number. It's basically the number deployed by the automotive industry to identify vehicles. A VIN checkup discloses important information. You'll know if the car has been involved in an accident. Also, you'll have the complete maintenance history, past owner history, product recalls, etc.

If you're buying the truck through a Ford dealership, you don't have to worry about a thing. Local dealers only sell cars that they consider to be good enough. This translates into the fact that vehicles purchased from dealerships don't cause problems later on. The Ford F-150 that you buy is certified by the dealer in a way that agrees with the specifications and requirements of the manufacturer. It's just as good as new. You're not likely to buy a cheap car that will end up costing you thousands in terms of repairs. You'll go home with a product that will last you a lifetime.

Don't ignore the budget restraints

How much does the Ford F-150 cost in dollars? A lot. Even if you're not buying a new car or truck, you still have to dig deep into your pockets. Don't buy more than you can afford. As you consider what car is suitable for your needs, carefully consider your budget. A model that is one to three years old still carries the manufacturer's warranty and will offer many years of good service. Look over your budget and decide what price range you're comfortable with. In addition to the price of the ride, you've got applicable tax, title, license, and destination charges.

Even if a seller doesn't match the lowest price you can find, it's still worth considering. Maybe you can't afford to buy the average used vehicle in your city. If you really find it impossible to scrape together some cash, look into available financing options. Car dealerships help clients who are going through a rough patch. As a matter of fact, if clients finance with them, they get discounted offers. If you don't want to borrow too much money, it's a good option. Complete the application and you'll immediately receive a personalized offer.

Understand that modifications could indicate hidden problems

Ford owners can't resist the temptation of making aftermarket modifications. They want better-looking grills, make changes to enhance the F-150's mileage, and switch the ride's paint job. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to stay away from modified pickup trucks because they don't always offer better performance. If the upgrades weren't done properly, you could have problems later on. The risks aren't exaggerated. What you must understand is that the modifications in question can impact your safety on the road.

Ford automobiles are designed to work with the parts that accompany them. Functionality isn't completely impacted if changes are made, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that you're safe. That's because the pickup truck doesn't run as it's supposed to. The seller may not have used genuine OEM parts and accessories. Find out what modifications have been realized. If the car doesn't have better-performing components, you should better continue looking. Buying a car from a Ford dealership is the best course of action. You can negotiate the price, not to say that you enjoy many choices in terms of financing.

All in all, if you've settled for investing in a Ford F-150, evaluate the facts and don't rush into making a decision. It's recommended to buy a car from a dealership and not an individual seller. Many Ford dealerships do repairs and upgrades at discounted prices, for free even. Plus, the dealer can advise you on what ride would best suit your needs. You'll go home with the right car for you.  

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