Want a personalized number plate? Here's what you need to know

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Want a personalized number plate? Here's what you need to know

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There is a strict requirement to fit a registration plate in every vehicle of the UK. You cannot deny the laws, or else you may have to give fines up to 1000 pounds. So, it is really important to have a number plate for your vehicle.

Let's cut deep into all the important facts to get a number plate for your vehicle.

The legal formats of standard number plates

Since 2001, the standard vehicle registration plate has this following format-

I. Two letters are denoting the region of the country where it was first registered.

II. Two numbers during the time of the number plate issue.

III. Three random letters.

Government requirements for personalized number plate

Before you order a personalized number plate, you must also know the government rules on it. These include-

1. The plate must not have a background pattern.

2. It should be made with reflective materials.

3. In the case of the front plate, the display should be black characters on a white background.

4. In the case of the rear, the display should be black characters on a yellow background.

What is the average cost of a personalized number plate?

There is no specific cost for a personalized number plate. The price may vary depending on your desired format. You can find a personalized number plate within a couple of hundred pounds. It may go high to thousands of pounds, depending on its format.

Where can I buy my personalized number plate?

You can buy your personalized number plate through different websites. Some websites, like SwiftReg offers a hassle-free purchase. They offer the easiest registration with a dedicated support team to back every problem. Remember, it should be DVLA registered to run legally in the streets of the UK.

You should also know about some specifications before you apply for a personal number plate. These include-

1. It must be able to move with its own power.

2. It must be registered with DVLA in the UK.

3. Your vehicle should be available for inspection.

4. It has been taxed or SORN in place for the past five years.

5. It has current up-to-date tax papers.

6. It must have a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) test certificate.

Other than these, you should also know things that you cannot do- 

1. You cannot put a private number plate on the 'Q' registered vehicle.

2. You cannot use a registered number on old models so that it denotes new. For example, you cannot use the 07 registration numbers if it was registered in 2003.

3. It is highly prohibited to assign a number that starts with an initial of 'Q' or 'NIQ'.

How do I decide my personalized number plate?

It is not that difficult to find a number plate for you. You have to find this in DVLA's online database. You can search it with initials of your name, date of birth, or any favorite items. Also, you can find the price and availability of the number plate. 

On another note, please consider the fact that it must not be rude or offensive. The DVLA has records of banning those applications earlier. In recent terms and policy DVLA stands strict against offensive numbers.

After registration

Many of us think that registration is the last step. But, there is something more beyond registration. After you are done with registration, you will need a new logbook for your vehicle. DVLA will send that within 3 to 4 weeks.

It is also important to put on the new number plate after registration. That is because; you may get flagged up in a police camera for the wrong number plate in your vehicle. Other than that, you also have to contact the insurance company and let them know about your new number plates.

Do personalized number plates increase insurance?

There are insurance companies with different policies. Some insurance company counts this as a part of car modification and charges more. On the other hand, some insurance companies acts differently. They do not count this as vehicle modification. You must also submit documents to DVLA. That is because; they must not think that your vehicle is uninsured.

Is it possible to transfer my personalized number plate to another vehicle?

This is only possible when you are a registered keeper of the vehicle. In any case, if you sell your vehicle before the time of registration, then you cannot transfer it. So, you have to move and then sell it.  

What are the DVLA auctions?

DVLA arranges five live auctions and four timed auctions every year. It allows people to bid on personalized registrations that are available in the local market. You can get a quality one if you are lucky in the auction.

When do the new number plates get released?

 In the UK, you will find new number plates twice a year. It is March and September when a series begins in the number plate. If the 19th serial comes on 1st March, 2019, then this will continue till 31st August. Also, the 20th serial begins from the very first day of September.

How can I protect my number plate from theft?

It may sound a little odd, but it is important to guard your number plate. The number plate is the most stolen item in motor accidents. Keeping that in mind, people now came with theft-resistant number plates. This is a bit costly but is designed to protect all sorts of attacks. 

If someone tries to remove this from your vehicle, it will break apart. So, they cannot use it for any criminal offense or so. Also, there are plates with alarms that let you know that someone is trying to steal your number plate.

The joy of final success

The personalized number plate is always unique. So, this lets others know about your style and status. This is a plate that legalizes freedom of your vehicle, and you are free to drive with confidence on the roads. So gear up and get your very own personalized number plate today! 

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