Buying a Your First Truck: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Jan 09, 2020 02:31 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Buying a Your First Truck: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

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Have you ever watched Ice Road Truckers? If you have you'll know it's a show about experienced and brave truckers trying to mount some of the most dangerous ice roads in their trucks.

Their fearlessness and dedication to their job might have inspired you to buy your first truck, even if you don't intend to drive over dangerous territory.

But how should you go about buying a truck? What planning should you do first? What should you expect from your first truck? And how can you find the best first truck?

Don't panic! Here's what you need to know.

1. You'll Need a Bigger Budget for a Truck Over a Car

This might sound obvious But expectations are everything. Don't go looking for a truck thinking you will get the same value for money as you do for a car. Trucks are more expensive so it's important to take this into account.

If you are buying a new truck don't expect to pay anything less than around $50,000. This is the average so you might find bargains in that margin but don't expect to find anything drastically less.

If you do get an offer lower than this then treat it with suspicion. You might think it's a good offer but you might find later down the road that the truck breaks down.

Before you embark on buying a truck do a monthly budget breakdown to find out if you can afford it. Can you make savings elsewhere that might help? Or maybe you could see something else to help you find the money?

Remember there might well be finance options but the interest and monthly repayments are likely to be high.

2. What Is the Truck For?

You need to understand what you will use the truck for. This way you will be able to determine the size and capacity you need.

If you buy a truck with a limited capacity and then pile it high with heavy goods you are asking for trouble and could find yourself heading to the garage within a few short weeks, worse still you might be on the way back to the dealership to buy a whole new truck.

Or perhaps you want Ram Trucks which cost a little bit more. If you're conscious of the environment you might also want to wait until new electric semi-trucks are produced at the end of the year.

3. Inspect That Truck

Before you buy anything whether a car, a truck or even a house you need to inspect it to make sure it's up to scratch. This includes:

  • Checking the oil

  • Looking for rust

  • Checking and double-checking the mileage

  • Checking the tires

Buying Your First Truck: Know Your Budget and Do Your Research

The most important factor in buying your first truck is doing your research. Establish what type of truck you want and what you want it for. Then set yourself a budget, based on what you can afford.

Be sure to inspect your truck before you make the final purchase. You need to ensure that you've checked the oil, ensured there is no rust and made sure the mileage is correct. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to choose your best first truck or buying your first Ford truck be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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