Want a Career in the Automotive Industry? Here Are a Few Options to Consider

Jan 02, 2020 09:48 AM EST | Ernest Hamilton

Want a Career in the Automotive Industry? Here Are a Few Options to Consider

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When you have a career in the automotive industry, you can work almost anywhere you'd like. There is no shortage of work and you have various options to consider. If you're artistic and meticulous, you may want to consider a career in auto body repair. If you're handier and want to get your hands dirty, a career in diesel mechanics or gas and small engine repairs may be your lifelong career move. There are also administrative jobs that require extensive knowledge of mechanics. There is a career path for all automobile lovers in the industry.

Auto Body Repairs

The category of auto body repairs is broad. There are custom body shops that specialize in personalized painting and out of the ordinary color coding. Accidents happen every day leaving cars in need of auto bodywork. Collision repair is more common than custom painting and may leave your pockets fuller. Botched painting jobs are common due to over-spraying. Learn how to correct these mistakes by getting into an accredited auto body repair program. If you've been the victim of overspray mistakes visit a shop that specializes in these repairs like National Overspray Removal.

Diesel Mechanics

Diesel mechanics get paid significantly more than regular gas engine mechanics. This is due to the nature of the jobs. There is a constant need for large engine repairs for trucks and buses. Large shipping and freight companies and bus depots hire mechanics to work for them on-site to perform preventive maintenance and inspections daily. Working as a mechanic's helper can get you into the door but obtaining automotive and diesel certifications will allow you the opportunity to negotiate a higher salary.

Gas And Small Engine Repairs

Working with gas engines is the most common career in the automotive industry. Everyday cars now contain computers and to be an automotive mechanic specializing in gas repairs it pays to have ASE certifications. If working on cars isn't of interest to you, you may want to consider a career in small engine repairs. Small engines include ride-on lawnmowers, snowblowers and other tiny engines like go-carts. Large companies like Kubota pay top dollar for knowledgable small engine mechanics.

Administrative Positions

If you're interested in an automotive career but don't want to get your hands dirty you can work on the administrative side of the job. This doesn't mean that you'll be filing but there may be some data entry involved. Service advisors are knowledgable and give advice on how to repair vehicles. You can find a service advisor working in a shop or dealership. They work at the front end of the shop and advise customers on repair options. Even auto body shops have advisors that help customers choose colors and coordinations.

If you're looking for a great career path that is ever-changing the automotive industry should be at the top of your list. Administrative jobs are always available in the industry and even if you don't feel that you have the experience, you can try an entry-level position where they train you to move up. 

When mechanics are involved you don't have to be interested in learning about the entire engine you can always specialize in certain auto parts. Some mechanics are knowledgeable in general repairs but choose to specialize in radiators, transmissions, tires or mufflers. The same idea goes for auto body repairs. 

If you're not interested in repairing all types of bodywork you can just work on overspray or custom jobs. Don't procrastinate because you will not regret your choice in an automotive career.

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