How Important Are Motorcycle Boots?

Oct 03, 2019 11:46 AM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

How Important Are Motorcycle Boots?

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Motorcycle boots are important for personal safety. If you do not have a pair, you shouldn't be riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous; you are exposed to all weather conditions, debris, and impact if involved in an accident. You need protective gear that is designed for riding a motorcycle, and the boots are one of the most critical parts of that gear.

The following are four reasons why high-quality motorcycle boots are a necessity for riding.

To support your weight and the weight of your bike

Every time you stop your bike at a stop sign, traffic light, intersection, traffic jam, or park, you need to put your feet down to support yourself on the bike. If you aren't wearing sturdy boots with a solid soul, you won't be able to accomplish that. If the boots you are wearing are not appropriate for riding, they are going to be uncomfortable, make your feet hurt, and wear out quickly.

To protect you from the outside of the bike

When riding, your feet are very close to the exhaust pipes, which can get very hot while riding. Your boots protect you from the heat of your running motorcycle. They protect both your feet and ankles from burns and also prevent you from jerking the bike and crashing from sudden burns.

To protect your feet from everything

During your ride, your boots also need to protect your feet and ankles from the weather, road debris, and discomfort on your bike. If your feet are uncomfortable, you will get tired and distracted faster, which can be dangerous. If you are wearing gym shoes, work shoes, or sandals, your feet will be assaulted by whatever is near the road, which can include roadkill.

To protect your feet and ankles from injury during an accident

Being in a motorcycle accident can be terrifying. When riding a motorcycle, your only protection from injury is the protective gear you are wearing. A helmet protects your head from smashing on the pavement. Your jeans and weather jacket protects your skin from road rash, cuts, and minor impact. Your boots need to protect your feet and ankles from serious injury.

When it comes to high-quality motorcycle boots, they should fit well, be comfortable, and have good treads on the bottom. The boots need to grip well on both the road and the posts on the motorcycle. They also need to be resistant to chemicals, oil, and water to provide the best protection and the most comfort.

 Some people will try to wear heavy-duty work boots instead of motorcycle boots to save money. While work boots are better than gym shoes or flip flops, they are not as safe or as supportive. Additionally, they will wear out significantly faster, so you aren't saving money like you think you are. If the motorcycle boots are twice as much money as the work boots but last twice as long, you are better off getting the appropriate boots from the start so that you can get the safety and supportive, as well as the better value.

Quality motorcycle boots can also be fashionable. For those who ride their motorcycles to work or functions, you do not have to sacrifice appearance for safety. You can choose sleek and stylish boots that will accessorize any outfit while still providing the comfort and protection needed.

The standards for motorcycle boots are the same for male and female drivers. The need for safety and comfort while riding is equal no matter where, when, and how often you ride.

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