Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Your Windscreen?

Sep 30, 2019 11:24 PM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Your Windscreen?

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You know the feeling; you're cruising down the highway, carefree and ready for where the road will take you, when all of a sudden a pebble hits your windshield. Typically, this is a rather innocuous experience, and the pebble won't cause any lasting damage. But sometimes, that pebble can cause a crack in your windscreen that will only get larger with time. In these cases, it is important to check if your car insurance will cover damage to your windscreen. However, all car insurance, however comprehensive, is different, so there are a few things you must consider before you consider yourself fully covered. 

Cases where damage to your windscreen is covered by insurance

Ordinarily, comprehensive car insurance will cover your windscreen. It will usually cover any damage to your windscreen caused by an "act of God." This includes that pebble mentioned before, as well as fallen tree branches, vandalism, or an animal crashing into your windscreen. If the damage was out of your hands, it is likely that your comprehensive car insurance will cover the repairs, but not definite, as some insurance companies provide such coverage as optional. 

You must remember, though, then when you file a claim to your insurance about the glass damage, it is only likely that your insurer will cover the cost of replacement or repair if your deductible is lower than the cost to replace the windscreen. If your deductible is high, you may find yourself having to pay for the repairs. Always do your own research or call your insurer to confirm your coverage amounts.

Cases where damage to your windscreen may not be covered

There are, of course, some cases where your car insurance may not cover the damage to your windshield. If someone else collides with you on the street and you are not at fault, you can file a claim for any damage incurred by your windscreen. In this case, it would be on the other party's liability auto insurance to cover the cost of the replacement or repair. Additionally, if another individual breaks your windshield, either intentionally or unintentionally, you may be able to get the repair or replacement covered by their homeowners or renters' insurance. Usually in these insurance coverage types, there is a clause for liability. Therefore, if they damage someone else's property, their insurance will cover the costs. So, even if the windshield damage was not unforeseeable, there are still options for you to get any necessary replacements covered. 

How much does it cost to replace a windshield? 

The cost to replace a windshield completely varies by vehicle and insurer, of course. For many mid-sized non-luxury sedans the cost for repairs are similar, both if it is a small crack or a larger one. It is typically around $120 for a small crack and $340 to $360 for a large one. However, if you have a bigger vehicle or drive a luxury car like a Tesla, the cost for repairing a large crack could be as high as $879. This is typical across many types of car repairs -the more expensive the vehicle, the more expensive the maintenance.

No matter how you cover the repairs for your damaged windscreen, it is important that you get it fixed as soon as possible, as even small cracks in your windscreen can spread and create more damage. A damaged windshield does not provide as much protection as one that is not weakened, and it can ultimately lead to reduced visibility. So, get any cracks or gashes in your windscreen repaired as soon as possible to ensure on-the-road safety. 

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