Expected Auto Trends: 2020

Sep 24, 2019 01:58 PM EDT | Staff Reporter


In the last five years, the automotive industry has seen some big changes. Hybrid and electric cars are more desirable than ever before, but still have limitations as to their utility, as well as style. Will the new horizon of cars stretch even farther in front of us, come 2020? Here's a look at the most prevalent car trends of the coming year:

Stylistic Stunners

Let's face it, the lines, headlights, rims, and overall aesthetic of a car are a big part of its selling power. Stylistic trends don't manifest overnight, but there are certainly some new looks headed to the showrooms.

  • Light-up Logos have been seen around showrooms for some time, but 2020 might be the year they hit the streets. While it may seem like a way for iconic automakers to push their branded images further, it will certainly add some flair to the roadways once the sun goes down.

  • Throughout the last half-decade, car grills have stretched across the front ends. Of course, cars these days don't really need these expansive grills, so they're mostly close off. It may not be strictly practical, but it's a trend that's likely to continue.

  • Jewel headlights may look as though they belong on a necklace, rather than on the front of a car, but they do have functionality as well. LED headlights have long been the pleasure of the driver behind the wheel, but not others on the road. LEDs are a pain for anyone who looks into them. Jewel headlights, however, angle the full brightness more toward the road and away from the eyes of others.

Tech Advancements

  • Connectivity: Internet connectivity was once a bell-and-whistle feature, but 2019 saw it become more common in new cars. This connectivity will be normalized in 2020 models and quickly become a standard feature. Consumers want social media, vast music libraries via streaming apps, and SmartCar voice helpers. The idea that your car is a dead-zone for productivity is a ghost of yesteryear and as all technology has done, consumers will be getting more done in less time as this dead-zone breaks down.

  • Purchase Digitally: Soon, the only type of car salesman will be the proverbial kind. Augmented reality, or AR, lets consumers experience the way a car looks, feels, and even drives without a single step in a showroom or in an actual car. With services like Fair, a website and app that lets drivers rent cars on a per-month basis all from their smartphone, it won't be long before consumers can skip car ownership altogether.

  • Autonomous Cars: Of course, this is the technology that is on everyone's' minds. From the Google cars that cruise the streets of Los Angeles to the newest Tesla update, autonomous cars at a variety of levels grow steadily closer. As you've probably noticed, all these technologies are closely linked, and the advancement of one aids that of the others.


How many people enjoy the logistics of autonomous automobiles, car share/rental programs, and online marketplaces?... just us, then. Let's face it, with current auto trends tending toward the technology ever more heavily, how this will affect auto policies, such as warranties and car insurance, remains to be seen. However, third party car warranty plans, as well as app-provided insurance policies for qualified customers, have popped up in the last couple of years. Companies like Protect My Car offer third-party, extended warranties for those with cars that are past their manufacturer warranty. The company covers cars that are up to 10 years old and have 125,000 miles. This is especially helpful if you buy or rent a car you do not know that much about. While warranties and insurance trends are not as glamorous as stylistic and technological advancements, they are a good indication of just how much the automotive industry is changing.

The automotive industry can't return to the years of a combustion-engine-forever mindset. New and bold ideas constantly drive the industry onward - whether it's as simple as light-up logos and better headlights, or the innovation of electric and autonomous cars. These extreme changes directly impact consumers in the form of the flexibility of transportation methods, ownership, and protection. As these 2020 trends continue even more transportation options will hit the market.

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