How Will Nissan Titan Pickup Perform Well In The US? Brilliant Strategy Is In Place

Aug 12, 2017 01:30 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Nissan Titan deserves attention, and it is screaming for one! The Nissan Titan is a highly capable pickup truck. Unfortunately, it falls behind in the popularity game.

The Titan is a dark horse in pickup competition. It is not a front runner like the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado. However, if given more serious thought, the Titan proves as worthy competition to the Silverado and F-150.

Nissan recognizes the need for its Titan model to be known. The Japanese auto giant has a strategy that should work in favor of the Titan and its other pickup, the Frontier.

Nissan deems necessary to manage key markets for Titan's introduction. This marketing strategy involves key U.S. cities as the focus of the Titan's attention grabbing pursuit.

There are four U.S. cities as part of the initial marketing focus. The cities are Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. This measure is part of the carmaker's effort to have people's interest in the Nissan Titan.

This marketing strategy may initially be questioned by many. However, it proves more financially sound. First and foremost, Nissan does not affect so much of its inventory. The company's Titan-specific training is also easier to manage. It also has to make sure that dealerships are well-equipped with Nissan Titan knowledge.

The Frontier is almost retiring so it logical enough to focus Nissan's attention on the Titan. Nismo is even more aggressive as it announced a department on road car development. Nismo's Takao Katagiri said that there are more body styles and even a possibility of a pickup truck for the United States.

With this said, the Titan is likely to be the donor of Nismo pickup. After evaluation of the Nissan Titan's performance in the four cities, Nissan will increase it to six more cities, and eventually, it goes nationwide. Doing things slowly but steadily is most of the time a good thing and the company knows it all too well.

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