Boring Company’s EV Passenger Shuttle Design Revealed! Even Bikers Can Hop In!

Jun 01, 2017 07:47 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has just dropped a major spoiler of their upcoming plans. The company released teaser photos confirming they are coming out with their new EV Passenger Shuttle as well.

The Boring Company has just released teaser photos for the new EV Passenger Shuttle. Three teaser photos were posted on the official website of the company, under the media section. Surprisingly, the company did not specify any caption to describe the photos.

The images show a similar white tunneling slot. However, it now comes with a glass casing, enclosing it to become a shuttle service. The photo shows several people were inside the electric vehicle, suggesting that the tunneling slot is indeed intended to transport human passengers, and not cars.

Furthermore, one photo reveals the new EV Passenger Shuttle is huge enough to house not just human passengers, but even bicycles. There were two bicycles inside the new shuttle, hinting that even bikers can hop in and pass underground to avoid the heavy traffic.

In addition, there were only two large seats inside the shuttle. The both ends of the shuttle carries the two huge seats, while the middle portion of the shuttle is vacant to give space for standing passengers, bicycles and possibly other cargo loads.

The EV Passenger Shuttle has actually appeared in the official video detailing the "Tunneling" plans of The Boring Company. The video was published on April 28 and defined how the company foresees the tunneling of vehicles on public roads to reduce traffic congestion.

In the video, the new shuttle can be spotted on queue with the next tunneling slot on the public road. It appears like any ordinary cars on the road, trying to ride on the tunneling service. The video only gave a quick glance of the new shuttle and did not highlight it at all.

Now that The Boring Company has released teaser images confirming the EV Passenger Shuttle, the image of the new vehicle spotted on the previous video came back to mind as it looks exactly the same with the one on the new teaser photos.

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