Samsung S8 And S8+: Living It Up To Promise For Being The Best Smartphone?

Apr 28, 2017 04:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Shortly after its worldwide unveiling last March, Samsung S8 and S8+ were two of the most talked about smartphones and people are way eager to try it. These two mobile devices have certainly redeemed Samsung's reputation especially after its gaffe in relation to the Note 7.

Both the Samsung S8 and S8+ are the same mobile devices except for its difference in battery and display size. Both have Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. Even better, both have amped up its security feature by introducing the iris scanner. This is definitely step-up as others only have a fingerprint scanner, however, upcoming devices seem to follow Samsung's lead for incorporating such innovation.

As great as it is, it is true that one can't please everybody. While many industry experts and tech gurus rave about these two latest Samsung devices, some still have something to complain about. Its battery has to perform better to give it more longevity, considering that it is relatively safer than the Note 7.

Its display is noteworthy for coming in with a Super AMOLED panel, having a resolution of QHD+ or 2960 x 1440. Its camera has been considerably beefed up, however, it gives out similar image quality compared to the LG G6. On the other hand, apps tend to act more naturally in the S8 compared to other devices such as the LG G6.

One of the greatest features of the Samsung S8 and S8+ is its Blue Light Filter. Viewing the device at night doesn't strain the eyes anymore. This has alleviated the problem of being too bright especially in devices with intense and advanced displays.

Both devices have touch screen without borders. Samsung has removed the bezels giving it more space for display. Samsung definitely prioritized the utilization of the display and it did a good job.

Overall, Samsung S8 and S8+ delivered what was promised. Both devices definitely took mobile technology to a whole new level. While others love both Samsung devices, some think that devices such as the G6 or iPhone 7 are still a better option. People would have varying thoughts, but at the end of the day, Samsung S8 and S8+ are easily two of the best mobile devices to date.

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