Yi Halo: Most Advanced 3D 360-Degree Camera From Google And Xiaomi Collaboration

Apr 27, 2017 04:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Xiaomi and Google team up for its latest 3D 360-degree camera launch. The Yi Halo is not just an ordinary camera, it is the best and most advanced 3D camera specially made to capture and impress the VR market.

Its looks may not be as captivating as it seems like it came straight from an alien movie, however, don't be fooled. This 3D 360-degree camera comes with 17 unit cameras which allow users to experience any scene in every conceivable direction. The Yi Halo also offers True stereo 360 and is more than capable of recording videos at 8K.

The Yi Halo supports Advanced image quality settings like ISO, WB, EV, shutter and flat color for professionals. Such device has built-in WiFi which one can remotely control the device through a smartphone app. To aid in the control, its LCD touch screen panel comes to play.

It may be a little on the heavy side as it weighs 8-pounds. It promises to deliver more than 100 minutes of battery life even at nonstop and continuous shooting. This device is also made especially for Google Jump Project.

The camera does come with a built-in handle and a quarter inch and 3/8-inch tripod sockets. It is compatible in almost all tripods and camera support systems in just seconds. To be totally protected, it comes with Pelican 1610 case. It is built by the same engineering team responsible for the Yi 4K action camera.

It is also important to note, however, that Yi Halo comes in with a steep price tag. Its cost can actually be comparable to an entry-level car. It is reported to be priced between $16,999 and $18,000 and will be available for purchase mid to late summer.

The Yi Halo, an excellent 3D 360-degree camera from Xiaomi and Google's collaboration is surely a great investment, especially for the avid and most dedicated videographers. It may come with an unbelievably steep price, but with what it can do, every penny is surely worth it.

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