Toyota FT-4X: A 4x4 Concept for Millennials Who Love Outdoors

Apr 13, 2017 08:20 AM EDT | Yen Palec


At first glance, the Toyota FT-4X may look like a piece of box with sharp edges, four wheels, and an engine. However, there is more to this rather uncharacteristically designed concept car than meets the eye.

The New York Auto Show is an appropriate stage for carmakers to show off their latest models, and more importantly their concepts of the future. As for the Toyota FT-4X, it looks like it is a concept car straight out of a boxcar's dream.

Toyota said that FT-4X is designed to attract nerdy-types who love the outdoors. While those two words rarely meet each other in a sentence, Toyota is keen with its marketing strategy. The company has even come up with a new moniker for its target consumers, "casualcore."

Toyota did not provide all the techy features that lurk inside the FT-4X. However, since the car is aimed towards millennials, it is expected to pack quite a lot of high-tech features. Toyota might even go as far as develop an autonomous driving software for 4x4 driving.

Millennials are known to be highly attached to their smartphones and gadget, which is why the Toyota FT-4X has a power outlet on its roof. It is probably Toyota's way of persuading millennials to get out of the car, through charging.

One particular design which was pointed out by many observers is just how sharp the edges of the FT-4X are. Some even joked that the FT-4X has so many sharp edges it reminds them of the Batmobile, according to The Verge. That is if Batman shifts his motif to orange.

Speaking of color, the Toyota FT-4X is adorned in bright orange paint with some white linings. Two-colored cars are not exactly the epitome of hipness, not unless the car is a Bugatti Chiron.

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