2017 Toyota 86 Review: Your Affordable Super Car With 800hp Quad Turbo V12

Apr 10, 2017 11:20 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


2017 Toyota 86 was displayed at the Emirates Custom Show revealing its powerful engine specs and refreshed body. The new monster performs more than enough for a cheap price tag.

The new coupe boasts of its 800-hp 5.0-liter 1GZ FE engine. In the clip, the engine bay appears well-designed with carbon fiber and red-colored metal components. The clip announces the new Toyota 86 boasts of its quad turbo V12 engine.

In the clip, it can also be spotted the refreshed front and rear bumpers of the new Toyota 86. There is also a new badge on the new coupe.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Toyota 86 has been tested by RoadAndTrack which has listed significant things about the new coupe. The review results point to a superfast car with misunderstood specs. Apparently, the components were chosen to maintain the low price of $26,255.

Starting off with the two speedometers of the new Toyota 86 which appears to be a good feature of the new model yet appears weird as well. The new coupe has a tachometer and a digital speedometer.

It seems mysterious why the automaker has placed two kinds of speedometers. However, it was noted that the second analog speedometer can be profitable for updates on oil pressure or oil temperature.

Secondly, the sports car does not have some of the nicest interiors available on the market. As expected from a super-fast coupe, the new Toyota 86 does not sport the convenient features to maintain the low price.

The adjustment on the vertical seat does not go as far as the passenger prefers. The steering wheel is also smaller than the usual.

Moreover, the large sun visors seem to not sit well with the design. It may have the huge size to cover up the sun rays from the driver's eyes, but it was so large that it already covers the front view of the driver.

Another misunderstood spec of the new Toyota 86 is the type of rubber that the automaker has chosen for its tires. The engineers seem to have chosen a low-rolling resistance all-seasons with less grip, instead of the high-performing branded tires of a supercar.

However, the review proves that the tires placed on the 2017 Toyota 86 are just the exact type needed for the new model. It was noted that if the tires used have more grip, then the new coupe will not be as exciting to drive to reach the limit.

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