Tesla Model 3 Release Candidate Spotted For The First Time

Apr 05, 2017 04:50 PM EDT | Ileen Jasmine


Breaking news, the Tesla Model 3 release candidate has been spotted testing out in the daylight for the first time ever. This could definitely mean that consumers are close to seeing the Model 3 in their own garage.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has released a video of the first Model 3 release candidate driving. However, the video released was in very low resolution, and a bit dark.

Since then, Tesla has been testing the vehicle. However, it wasn't until earlier this week when the Tesla Model 3 has been spotted in the wild.

According to a report by Elektrek, a source spotted the new Model 3 near Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto. This is where most of Tesla's prototypes are spotted, so this is really no surprise.

As reported by the source, the Model 3 was tailing a BMW when he saw the car flying past him. Both cars also switched drivers at some point.

This event could be Tesla tuning the Model 3's driving performance. If so, it could definitely explain why it was following a BMW and they switched drivers.

According to Elon Musk, the company is aiming to let the Model 3 compete with the BMW 3-Series. It was also reported that Tesla has a few prototypes on the road. Each are slightly different and used for testing different aspects of the car.

Tesla has skipped the "beta prototype" phase, hence fans are seeing the release candidates already. The company did this because they focused on the production machines which allowed the company to produce advanced prototypes directly on the production line.

With this strategy, Tesla should be able to bring the Model 3 to production on a faster timeline than usual. According to the latest reports, Tesla is expecting to be on the right path to start a low-volume production in July.

Eventually, the company will be ready to ramp up production to 5,000 units per day in September. Check the photos of the Tesla Model 3 below. Don't forget to check Elektrek for more photos.

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