Apple iOS 10.3: Apple’s Solution To Hackers

Apr 01, 2017 04:00 AM EDT | Paula

Apple has found a solution to safeguard its phones to hackers through Apple iOS 10.3. This new update will allow users not to be victimized by hackers who lock out users in Safari, demanding ransom.

To protect users, Apple's new update will remedy this. The update makes the phone faster and free space.

This means that pop-ups will appear on individual tabs instead, in an entire browser, making it impossible for viruses to spread. Before iOS 10.3's release, iPhone users would have to clear up their web history on their Settings menu to get rid of the virus.

The hackers' modus operandi include giving users a scam pop-up that claims users had been illegally downloading music or porn. Therefore, they are locking their phone unless they pay around $125 in iTunes credit.

Another modus operandi of the hackers includes creating fake websites that look like a Metropolitan Police site. Once the user enters, they will be asked to pay a payment to unblock the browser.

Unless they pay, pop-ups that say a "Cannot open page" will endlessly appear in the users' program. Users who click OK in hopes of removing the pop-up find themselves with another pop-up.

Because of the number of pop-ups appearing on the screen, it would take the entire safari browser. This eventually locks users out of using the browser unless they fix the virus on their phone.

It was previously reported that the virus was attacking older iOS version, which can be activated through JavaScript. Due to this, a lot of websites have been limiting the use of JavaScript to avoid getting scammed.

The scam started a few years ago in Australia locking iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Back then, the scammers were using iCloud.

To date, Apple iOS 10.3 is now available for iPhone users. It can be downloaded by going to the Settings app, clicking General and then clicking Software update.

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