AMD Raven Ridge Could Be Apple's APU Of Choice For The MacBook Pro 2017

Mar 15, 2017 12:20 PM EDT | JP Olvido

Intel has always been considered the leader in the CPU industry. However, AMD has been killing it as of late with its Ryzen processors. AMD's success streak look like it will continue with its new AMD Raven Ridge APU.

The new Raven Ridge APU could revolutionize the MacBook Pro 2017. AMD looks like its gearing up to change the CPU industry landscape. Although it hit a slump with the Windows 10 scheduler bug affecting the AMD Ryzen CPU performance, it doesn't change the fact that the CPU is a beast with users being able to overclock it up to an amazing 5.8GHz.

Some believe that AMD is probably thinking about licensing Intel GPU patents and supplying Radeon for an MCM with Intel Core processors. A deal with Intel and a strong adoption for its own CPUs could make AMD's already strong appeal even stronger.

Enthusiasts may very well expect AMD's APU to perform as impressively as its Ryzen processors and more. The AMD Raven Ridge APU is designed to act as both a CPU and a GPU which means that it will most likely have the high-performance capabilities of the Vega.

Recent reports claim that Apple is seriously looking into using the AMD Raven Ridge as the APU of choice for its MacBook Pro 2017 once it comes out. If Cupertino-based tech giant Apple does go with the Raven Ridge APU, this will turn the MacBook Pro 2017 into a portable computer that will definitely be tough to beat. Apple's competitors will most likely go with the same APU in order to stand their own ground.

The Raven Ridge APU is said to be based on the Zen architecture. Its standard features include 4 Zen CPU cores, 11 Vega GPU, and an AMD "Promontory" chipset. The APU's Memory support is expected to be DDR4.

The Raven Ridge is expected to hit portables during the second half of this year. Desktops, on the other hand, are to follow by early next year.

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