Bugatti-Palmer Johnson Niniette 66 Super Yacht, Your Bugatti Chiron At Sea? Grab One Before It Vanishes Before Your Eyes!

Mar 15, 2017 04:20 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


The Bugatti-Palmer Johnson partnership now boasts of its superyacht named Niniette 66. Coming out fully equipped with luxurious interiors and superior specs, this Niniette 66 is a limited edition and might vanish quickly before your eyes.

Bugatti has just created a super yacht together with yachtmaker Palmer Johnson. The super yacht is a limited edition model and production has been limited to 66 units only.

The Niniette 66 is the counterpart of Bugatti Chiron on the sea. A similar design of the new Bugatti Chiron can be spotted on the new super yacht.

The huge, sweeping lines containing the air intakes look similar with the Bugatti Chiron. However, the lines on the new super yacht appear to curve up, highlighting the super yacht's structure. Another similarity from the Bugatti Chiron is the two-tone color scheme for the Niniette 66.

The deck sports the luxurious interiors of the Niniette 66. With carbon-fiber and leather, the deck also comes with the most appealing natural blue morta oak.

Going down the lower deck, a Jacuzzi is neatly placed. There is also a lounging pad for sun-bathing and a bar for drinking at the middle of the deck.

Luxurious furnitures made from various materials like carbon-fiber, marble and leather, give comfort to passengers who want to hang-out in a lounge below the deck. Next to the lounge is the master's bedroom which is equipped with a double bed and bathroom.

Aside from the luxurious interiors, the Niniette 66 is coming out with powerful specs too. Equipped with MAN's 1,000bhp V8 engine, producing a top speed of 44 knots that is about 51mph. Buyers may opt to buy the upgraded variant sporting a 1,200bhp engine. For more visuals, you may check this AutoExpress link.

Meanwhile, Palmer Johnson CEO Timur Mohamed shared that the Niniette 66 resulted from a vision to produce "an experience and a persona as much as a yacht, from streamlined luxury, sophisticated style and unprecedented quality. Timur Mohamed also added that the new super yacht will further raise the level of expectations of life, Thrillist reported.


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