2017 Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept: Built For Speed And Superb Handling

Mar 14, 2017 09:50 AM EDT | Ivy Lebanan

This year's Geneva Motor Show highlights the new car models of the different automobile company in the world. The French multinational auto manufacturer, Renault, recently introduced their new car concept, the 2017 Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept.

The model is the product result of the company's commitment and dedication to developing electric vehicles. This e-sport concept has a similar styling with the brand's latest single-seater racing cars, and its color scheme resembles the E.adams team's livery.

Buyers nowadays especially those who are into fast running cars prefers a lightweight vehicle. So this means that this concept is one on the list. It is made of carbon fiber which provides a lightweight body structure. The tip of the car just scales 1400 kg which already included the weight of the battery in 450 kg.

This lightweight development of the car also added an excellent aerodynamics. It has a brake horsepower close to 460 and torque in 640-newton meters that are also helpful in the car's acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just a span of 3.2 seconds.

According to the Concept Car Design Director, Stephane Janin, "The brief for the Renault ZOE e-sport concept couldn't have been simpler: 'Have fun!'. So we came up with something midway between a production model and a racing car... It's perfect for lovers of extreme driving sensations!" As for the Electric Vehicle Programme Director, Eric Feunteun, they do believe that these electric cars can provide and attend the needs of all customers and that the 2017 Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept is just one of the best choices that one may have.

As to the performance, the 2017 Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept is at its best when it comes to grip and handling. The powertrain is created with the technologies that were inspired and develop from the group of engineers from Renault e.adams and Renault Sports Racing.


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