Genovation Cars' Electric Chevrolet Corvette Sets New Standing Mile Speed Record at 209 MPH!

Feb 28, 2017 08:14 AM EST | BC Tabotabo

An all-electric Chevrolet Corvette was used as the basis for the Genovation GXE prototype. Most recently, the GXE was able to reach 209 MPH at Kennedy Space Center's Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Merritt Island Florida.

According to their website, Genovation Cars is a Rockville Maryland company that aims to be the premier provider of quality green automobiles in the United States. The company wants to combine cutting-edge green technology with aerodynamic and very lightweight frames and bodies. This will result in very fast and sustainable eco-friendly vehicles.

Motor Authority recently reported that Genovation set the standing mile record for a street-legal electric car as well as the land speed record. This was done using a C6 Chevy Corvette converted to run on electric motors. The Genovation Extreme Electric (GXE) was able to clock in at 205.6 mph.

Most recently, the C6 Chevrolet Corvette GXE was able to reach 209 mph at the Kennedy Space Center's Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Merritt Island Florida. The very same car was also able to cover the standing mile with a speed of 109.4 mph. This was able to break its previous record of 186.8 mph. Driver Johnny Bohmer was at the wheel for all of the record attempts.

The Genovation GXE has two electric motors that can produce over 700 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. It also comes with a 44 kWh electric battery. The Maryland company works with suppliers for their components but develops all of the control software by themselves. The car is capable of going 150 miles on a single charge.

The GXE sounds like a truly amazing car. However, according to Jalopnik, its main problem is the price. The electric Corvette will cost $750,000!

The Chevrolet Corvette Genovation GXE will be available in 2017. A total of 75 cars will be available and each customer will get their own unique color that no other customer can get. The company is even promising that it will have better performance than its record-breaking prototype. Now the bigger problem at hand is saving the $750,000 to buy one! What do you think about the GXE? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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