Lamborghini Recalls 1400 Cars For Fire Safety; Know Why The Super Car Maker is Taking This Initiative

Feb 16, 2017 09:15 PM EST | Hannah Jill

Lamborghini recalls more than 1400 units due to safety concern. It is reported that these units can be fire hazards under different situations. Included in the recall are their super limited edition Superveloce and super rare Veino.

It is not every day that you hear supercars being recalled. But today is one of those days. Lamborghini, the Italian "Super Car" manufacturer reported that it would recall some of its cars. It is going to ask car owners to have their cars be brought to the nearest dealership for checkups. Media has given a term for such event: Lamborghini Recall. Included among the vehicles being recalled are 1453 units of Lamborghini Aventador.

These cars were manufactured between 2012 to 2017. Included are the super limited edition, Superveloce and the very rare Veneno wherein only 12 exists.

Reason being given for the Lamborghini recall is fire safety. According to Auto Week, the car Manufacturer is saying that the Aventador's evaporative emission control system is suspect. It could cause fuel vapors to be mistreated and if this contact other hot gases can cause the fire. This could happen when drivers perform some maneuvers especially when over revving when the car is idle. There is no report yet if there were already fire because of this possible problems. Lamborghini is just recalling these vehicles for safety purposes.

The Lamborghini Aventador is just one of the various cars include in the Lamborghini Recall being done. Lamborghini reports that under its hood is a powerful 740 HP, 6.5 Liters V12 engine. Its engine is so powerful that the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. Its all-wheel drive performance is engine controlled by its7 speed Independent Shifting Rods (ISR) gearbox for a pleasure drive. For thrill-seeking drivers, the Aventador can run a maximum 350 km/h for a full adrenaline driving.

Lamborghini has designed the Aventador to stand out in a crowd. Its aim is not just performance but also to show the future in cars. This vehicle is a legend in the making. It brought the company into unexplored territories.


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