Jaguar In-Car Fuel Payments Deal With Shell Enables Customers To Pay For Gas Digitally

Feb 15, 2017 10:50 AM EST | Leian N.


The luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover had been a leader in developing innovative ideas to enhance passenger driving experience. Luckily, the brand collaborated with Shell to provide consumers with the Jaguar in-car payments as an alternative whenever they lack actual money to pay for gas. Therefore, consumers of the Jaguar models can pay for fuel digitally.

 Everyone who owns a Jaguar Land Rover or other luxury vehicles of the brand have automobiles equipped with the company's InControl apps. One of the features of this new development allows the owner to pay for his gas money with only a click.

As reported by Engadget, owners of the vehicles only need to install the Shell mobile app and link their PayPal or Apply Pay accounts to pay for gas whenever they refuel at Shell gasoline stations. Therefore, the $40,000-worth vehicles can avail of a hassle-free payment service for the first time in the brand's history.

To avail of the method, a user's iPhone must be connected to the Jaguar's infotainment system through USB before the service can be availed. Although there is no present feature available for Android phones, the same convenience will be enjoyed once the service will finish developments later this year. Although other mobile brands provide this similar service, Jaguar's uses geolocation for PayPal or Apple Pay transactions, a unique characteristic from other in-car payments.

In other news, Tech Crunch reported most people who own luxury vehicles use the similar Jaguar in-car payments with the use of credit or debit cards. However, the feature of this particular brand was labeled as more convenient since the user would not need to input further data to acquire the service. In fact, it would only take them a tap on their smartphones without having to verify their accounts to pay for gas money.

The Jaguar in-car payment system is the first service that the brand offers to its consumers. In fact, other automobile brand users are looking forward to enjoying the same convenience in future car models. Did this feature just get the Jaguar Land Rover to the top of the most innovative luxury vehicles in the market today?

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