Car That Runs On Air Will Be Released By Peugeot Citroen In 2016 (PHOTOS/ VIDEO)

Jan 24, 2013 12:54 PM EST | Matt Mercuro


Peugeot Citroen stated this week that they have been working on a vehicle that can run on air. The company will begin production and release the model to dealerships by 2016.

"We're quite confident," company spokesman Jean-Baptiste Thomas said to The Huffington Post on Wednesday.

At least four different "Hybrid Air" vehicles have been successfully produced so far according to Thomas. The vehicles have approximately 12,000 miles of testing completed as well. While the exterior design won't be that unique, its what's under the hood and body of the vehicle that will make the car different from anything else available.

A hydraulic pump has been designed to force compressed air against fluid that activates the wheels. Next, the pressure regenerates within 10 second if say a driver wishes to stop according to The Huffington Post.

The vehicle will allow drivers to go up to 50 minutes of in city driving without using any gas according to Thomas. The air-system is also set to re-use the energy lost while slowing or stopping since it contains an adapted gearbox and compressed air cylinders that store released energy according to Yahoo.

By 2020, Peugeot expects the Hybrid Air system will achieve approximately 116-117 miles per gallon according to MSN Cars. This would be great news for the company if they're able to achieve such a feat.

Peugeot would be the first major auto manufacturer to achieve an air-powered vehicle with four wheels, but another company was able to create a three-wheeled vehicle that runs on air in 2010.

The air-fueled AirPod uses compressed-air locomotion and is available for $10,000. The vehicle can reach 50 mph and is steered using a joystick according to The Huffington Post.

Peugeot claims that drivers will save 45 percent on gas money if they do chose to purchase this vehicle once it is released.

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