Unlimited Supply of Replica Porsche Bodies For Sale Price and More Details Inside

Feb 14, 2017 08:40 AM EST | Ileen Jasmine

No car dealer is crazy enough to sell an unlimited supply of Porsche bodies. But there are some who are crazy enough to sell a replica of it for $250,000.

eBay Motors is selling the makings of an entire replica car manufacturer - emphasize on the word "entire". For $250,000 fans of the Porsche can get their hands on their very own Porsche replica operation.

Included in the deal package are the molds, the jigs, every tooling possible, the plans, and most importantly, the rights to start manufacturing your own 550 Spyder and 356 Speedster and Super 90 replica bodies and chassis. Everything is practically handed to the potential buyer. And as long as that person has a lease on a commercial building, they'll be in business soon.

All that person need will be just a few more things. A few minor details such as a source for transmissions and air-cooled Volkswagen engines. According to Road and Track, the seller did indicate that Subaru EJ20 engines will work, too.

The seller also had to get a bit creative with the advertisement in order for it to fly. Here's an excerpt from Road and Track's report:

But since eBay Motors was set up from the beginning to sell cars, the seller had to get a little creative to make this listing fit the format. That's why the year is listed as "1955," and the model is "550 Spyder, Speedster and Super 90 Replicas." The VIN? "abcdefghijklmn001."

Naturally, to build these 550 Spyder and 356 Speedster and Super 90 replicas, the potential buyer will also need to source parts like the suspension, brakes, and wheels. With all these things settled, this eBay listing can help a car enthusiast start his/her own Porsche replica body shop.

Some are still skeptical about the fact that this whole supply of replica Porsche bodies is for sale on eBay. Considering most buyers are avoiding eBay for some its scamming members, Auto World News advise readers to be careful when making a purchase.

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