The Lego Batman Movie: An Enjoyable And Fun Take On The Dark Knight

Feb 09, 2017 07:40 AM EST | JP Olvido

The Lego Batman movie is one that will please children and adults alike. The spin-off of 2014's The Lego Movie is an enjoyable film in its own right.

2017's The Lego Batman Movie. It should be noted that this film is aimed to provide young audiences an enjoyable and pleasant experience. However, it doesn't isolate adults, specifically parents accompanying their children in watching this film.

This Batman movie gets a lot of assistance from a team of screenwriters supplying it with a wealth of jokes, funny interactions, and the ever-reliable child-friendly slapstick humor. The team includes, among others, Seth Grahame-Smith of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fame.

Most of the material in the film is about the unusual behavior of Batman, huskily voiced by Arrested Development actor Will Arnett, that is not exactly superhero-like. An example would be a tantrum he threw at loyal butler Alfred sophisticatedly voice by none other than Ralph Fiennes. Alfred, in particular, delivers just the right amount of dry humor supplemented by Batman's trying-hard-to-be-cool persona.

Unlike 2014's The Lego Movie, whose characters were oblivious to the fact that they were toys, this film showcases a lot of pop culture references and Batman's fame in the real world. Supporting characters Robin and Barbara Gordon, voiced by Michael Cera and Rosario Dawson respectively, round out the humor of the movie in comical fashion.

The film provides dazzling and quick-pacing animation care of Animal Logic. Animal Logic also worked on the amazing animation for The Lego Movie and has once again done a great job for this film.

The Lego Batman Movie, however, is not without its critics. An article from Gizmodo reviews the film as overly supplied with jokes even when not needed. The satirical take on Batman is refreshing and already funny on its own. However, the unnecessary jokes seem to overshadow this.

The movie lacks the heart that the 2014 Lego film had. Regardless, The Lego Batman Movie is still able to deliver the laughs expected of it.

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