Microsoft Surface Book 2 Updates: Kaby Lake Processor, 3D graphics, 4K Display And More

Feb 08, 2017 09:07 PM EST | Lasitha

It is rumored that Microsoft is working on the next edition of the Surface Book laptop. It is said that the new device will be called the Surface Book 2. According to various reports, Surface 2 is said to bring in a lot of upgrades and features that the Surface Book originally lacked.

First and foremost, the display of the Surface Book 2 is supposed to be the best. It is rumored that the Surface Book 2 is set to arrive with a 13.5-inch 4K display. It is said that the laptop will be able to support a VR system even. This improvised display is expected to appeal to many customers. Apparently, Microsoft is also working on Surface Pro 5 which will also have a 4K display, reported Tech Times.

Intel made a big revelation and said that its seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor will be what will power computers going forward. The delay in releasing the Surface Book 2 by Microsoft got people guessing that the new laptop will be equipped with Kaby Lake Processor.

In August last year, there was a teaser that Microsoft released for what the Surface Book 2 may look like. Through a picture on Instagram, the IT giant gave a sneak peek of the design which looked no less dynamic. Through this image, people were able to judge that the new Surface Book 2 is carrying a lot of significant improvements over the last version. The dynamic fulcrum hinge is what caught the attention of many as it had more ridges than the original Surface Book, reported PC Advisor.

In order to support all the cool features like 3D graphics and the 4K display, the laptop will have to have a battery which can withstand a lot of load. The Surface Book laptop supports close to 4 hours. The Surface Book 2 will be able to equal the same performance or even offer better. It is also expected that the new laptop will support USB Type-C.

Microsoft has been offering massive discounts on the Surface Book. This is when the rumors started that the company will be releasing the Surface Book 2 sooner. It is anticipated that the brand new laptop will make an appearance along with the Surface Pro 5 in March 2017.

The price of the laptop is expected to start around $1,499 like the older Surface Book. Microsoft has not made any official statement on the date of release or the price of Surface Book 2.

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