Banned Words List: Fiscal Cliff, Spoiler Alert Among The Top Words People Want To Go Away (SEE LIST)

Dec 31, 2012 04:16 PM EST | Matt Mercuro

The 38th annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness was released this week by Michigan's Lake Superior State University.

Among the top words or phrases that people want to go away is the phrase "spoiler alert," a term to warn readers or viewers about a key part of a film, television show, or book. The term was designed to help people be polite, but it seems to annoy more people than it does help them.   

For some, the phrase is used in an "obnoxious way to show one has trivial information and is about to use it, no matter what" according to the Associated Press.

"Spoiler alert" didn't receive the most nominations however, that distinction belongs to the term "fiscal cliff" according to the Associated Press. People mainly want to see the phrase disappear due to its overuse by the media when discussing "across-the-board federal tax increases and spending cuts that economists say could harm the economy."

Click here to see the full list on the university's website.

"You can't turn on the news without hearing this," said Christopher Loiselle of Midland, Mich., in his submission according to the Associated Press. "I'm equally worried about the River of Debt and Mountain of Despair."

Other words or phrases that people want to go away include "superfood," "guru," "yolo," "job creators," and "double down."

People use to send nominations in the mail, but now most of them come on the university's Facebook page. The university has "banished" around 900 words in the last four decades.

 "The list surprises me in one way or another every year, and the same way every year: I'm always surprised how people still like it, love it," said Tom Pink, the university's spokesman to the Associated Press.

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