Mercedes AMG GT Will Not Get A G3 On Its Name

Jan 31, 2017 08:53 AM EST | Leian N.

One car enthusiast pointed out that the Mercedes AMG GT GT3 may not get that last part as its official name. It was manifested that several of the brands had labeled their models as plainly GT. Will the GT3 tag be removed by Mercedes-Benz altogether?

Why Though? Manny Suazo, a car enthusiast, took to Twitter and relayed his confusion as to how GT cars would be labeled. According to a report by Jalopnik, Suazo said, "Does the GT3 car built by Mercedes-AMG actually have a name?" To which, others responded. According to Fred Smith, a Road and Track reported, the whole GT category has been naming schemes to remove the confusion. In fact, he pointed out that it would be ridiculous for the brands to place two "GT" labels on the name as this would be redundant.

In other news, Motor Trend reported on the developments of the said model. Within the report, it was labeled only as Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster and not with the GT3 tag. As the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary of its AMG performance brand this year, the vehicle was featured in the Super Bowl LI commercial. The clip showed that Fonda traded his Harley-Davidson for a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster which has a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine.

The Commercial. At present, the model has been referred to as merely a GT. However, since enthusiasts had been confused as to how the GT would be incorporated to the Mercedes-AMG GT, the Super Bowl LI commercial may be developed come February 5. Will the brand define its model properly during such time?

Per Mercedes-AMG chairman, Tobias Moers, the 50th anniversary showcased the model well. In fact, he called it the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster which would play a great major role at this year's Super Bowl event. Will this be the definite name for the vehicle? Should the GT3 be latched to its present label?

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