Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions Showcased The Ioan Florea's 3D Liquid Metal Ford Torino

Jan 21, 2017 10:16 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

American auction company Barrett-Jackson, which specializes in auction cars featured Ioan Florea's 3D-printed Liquid Metal Ford Torino last January 18. The U.S. classic car auctioneers who conducted the sale and they describe themselves as organizers of "The World's Record Breaking Collector Car Auctions."

The Ioan Florea, an Illinois-based artist, impressively and undeniably created the first gaudy car in 2013 and it recognizes as one of the first cars in the world to integrate 3D printing into its design. This artist originating from Transylvania, Romania, first made headlines for his metallic 3D printed car in early 2014. He uses the world's largest industrial binder jet 3D printers by German 3D printer manufacturer Voxeljet AG.

The Ford Torino was one of the first automobiles to use additive technology in the form of 3D-printed shapes that reflect light and give the car balance between the organic and geometric shapes. His work in the combination of the iconic Ford with a fusion metal and ultra-light materials to create a unique display of the transition.

Florea encapsulates the entire car in a seamless liquid metal with the highest coefficient of reflectivity, creating a stunning visual effect. The artist also used a Lulzbot TAZ4 in printing the shapes. This 3D-printed Liquid Metal Ford Torino integrates technology from the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions by combining assembly line vehicle with modern specialized technologies.

The car's intricate and textural pattern was the result of an algorithm generated through parametric design. In achieving its metallic finish, Florea used an original 3D liquid metal transfer technique.

Florea has cleverly put together the 3D printing with its promise of mass customization and with this traditional technique. They perceived that this Ford Torino seen as marrying the old and the new. The liquid metal car was seen Florea's artwork is a culture of wheels showing how the use of many technologies and materials reflects today's globalization.


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