Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake Is Still The Best Laptop Even For 2017; Gives A Tough Fight To Competitors!

Jan 20, 2017 05:30 AM EST | Paul Urban

The Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake has been one of the best, if not the best for 2016. Amazingly enough, it is still considered as the best laptop to have for 2017. It surely gave its competitors run for their money for impressive features for a laptop.

According to Laptop, the Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake has been its top overall laptop by offering a 13-inch screen in a more compact package than its competitors. Portability is definitely one of the most sought-after features in a laptop and Dell's offering did not disappoint at all. It is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to comfortably fit backpacks and bigger pocketbooks.

It also comes with an amazing design, giving the machine a classy look and feel. The design also is stylish and up-to-date making one a proud owner especially when used in coffee shops and restaurants. Dell also has its own rose gold version, obviously patterned after MacBook. however, it offers its unique identity.

The Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake features its Infinity display which almost comes with no bezels around the screen. This then allows for Dell to cram a 13-inch screen into a chassis which is common to an 11-inch machine. The rest of the laptop remains attractive as before even if it is not as thin as the others in the same range and category.


It only weighs 2.7 pounds for the nontouch model and 2.9 pounds for the touch-screen version. In this arena, Dell's laptop is lighter than Apple's MacBook Air for weighing in at 3 pounds. It is, however, a little bit heavier compared to HP Spectre weighing 2.45 pounds and MacBook's 2 pounds. At the end of the day, it is still comfortably lightweight and portable.

As added by Digital Trends, the Dell XPS Kaby Lake also has an impressive display. It comes with 1080p display featured in the Core i5-7200U unit while the Core i7-7500U version having a 3,200 x 1,800 touch screen. That translates for 280 pixels per inch for the higher end model which is 60 more than MacBook Pro. That is certainly noteworthy.

The Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake definitely comes in with more features which make it possible to keep the best laptop title for some time. However, competitors have taken note of its success and may do whatever it takes to steal away the title. For now, it is still the best until something better gets released.

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