Google Image Search Will Soon Start Playing YouTube Videos

Jan 19, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

Google is already testing a new ad format for mobile that will play short videos in the company's image search section. It's been reported that the experiment is limited in scope since as of the moment, it's only capable of delivering YouTube snippets every time users make a fashion-related image search.

The feature will not be available in most part of the world, so no one will be able to duplicate it. However, first reports stated that Google is not providing full YouTube videos but instead auto-playing snippets only that loop infinitely.

The videos that will be appearing on top of the Google Image results page won't play any sound and are not labeled as ads. There will be no option as well to minimize or stop it from playing which affected users will find it annoying.

According to some reports, it will consume an extra bandwidth, which may not sound pleasing to most people who are just simply looking to search for pictures. Users searching for pictures will instead get multiple videos that play on the loop at the top of search results.

Furthermore, for users who have seen the auto-playing YouTube snippets on their Image Search results don't sound that thrilled with the idea that it will become a standard search feature for Google. However, even if Google is testing their new ad format, it's still not a guarantee that it will click worldwide.

On the other hand, business will still benefit with the feature by getting more people to click on the video ads. The auto play video will easily catch people's attention and will serve as a click-bait since they will only by giving sneak peak videos leaving users to want more.

 Videos are reported to be the next social media platforms for big networking sites. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are reportedly experimenting with various options that will provide their platform video preferences.

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