Kingston Unveils 2TB USB Flashdisk

Jan 05, 2017 02:09 PM EST | Danica Esguerra

For those who packs a lot of files in different USB for work or for personal use, there is good news! Kingston unveiled a 2-TB USB Flash drive in 2017 International CES.

Kingston Digital Inc, the largest manufacturer of USB and other memory storage products, announced that they have created a 2TB USB flash drive. The Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) line from Kingston will now have the 2-TB USB as part of their product. The 2TB flash drive can store up to 2TB size of files, videos, and music. It can also store 4K videos with the span of 70 hours in it.

The 2TB GT USB will sport USB 3.1 and 3.0 performance, making it capable of transferring files at the speed of 5gbps. The flash drive is made out of zinc alloy metal casing, making it resistant to shock. Because it is in a form of flash drive, it gives portability to its user, making it easier for people to carry it around on the go.

According to Jean Wong, Flash business manager, "we push the limits of what's possible." Kingston aims to provide their users to have more data storage in a more compact form. Which is true because it's a lot easier to carry around a flash drive rather than an external hard drive for file storage. There's also the option of cloud storage but there are some who still prefers to use USB for storage or to backup their data.

Back in 2013, Kingston released a 1TB USB flash drive. Coined with the name DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0, it is the first USB flash drive in the world to sport such memory storage that is on par with most hard drives. It helped users have an increase in memory storage in a portable form. It runs on a 160Mbps transferring speed. However, its price makes it hard for average users to get their hands on it. Its price is around $2,500, enough for a user to buy a bunch of USB drives that could equate to a 1TB storage. Since the 1TB USB has that kind of price range, there's a chance that the 2TB will have a double of it.

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT will be available with 1TB and 2TB flash drives. Kingston will be releasing the 2TB flash drive in February and will sport a five-year warranty from Kingston. A comparison chart of memory storage can be found here.

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