2017 Toyota 86 Sports Coupe Recalled Due To Issues With Ignition Keys

Dec 26, 2016 07:00 AM EST | Luna C


Vehicle recalls mostly involve thousands of units. However, Toyota's latest recall only involves a small number of cars, particularly the 2017 Toyota 86. The issue is with the Toyota 86 ignition key lock, which may be minor to most car owners, but could be disastrous to new drivers. This goes to prove that one of the world's most popular car brands still practices strong customer support even for the littlest of issues.

94 units of the latest Toyota 86 (2017) sports coupe were recalled by Toyota. The issue revolves around the sportscar's physical ignition key. Keyless entry vehicles are not in any way affected by this issue, Complaints.com reports. It is important to note that some of the newest car models nowadays still have the actual keys that drivers need to turn as opposed to the push button ignition.

Looking deeper, the problem is with the key itself. The recalled Toyota 86 transmission key interlock is not working as designed. This means drivers can remove the key even if the car is not set to 'Park,' making it possible for the Toyota sports coupe to roll away when stopping on an inclined surface.

Although a minor problem, or even a non-problem for most experienced drivers, this still poses a threat to new drivers who are just learning how to properly park their 2017 Toyota 86 sports coupe. The risks are highest when parking on uneven surfaces, as the issue is focused on the car's transmission key interlock. Leaving the car in the wrong gear could spell disaster for both car and car owner, not to mention the surrounding properties it will roll over into.

CNet.com also posted that Toyota will notify all 94 Toyota 86 sports coupe owners via first-class mail next month. When the cars arrive at the dealership, expert technicians will immediately start to properly inspect the 2017 Toyota 86 ignition key interlock, which was the cause of the problem. Something as simple as connecting the interlock the proper way should solve the issue.


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