YouTube User MrFirelakeDK Posts Viral Video: Danish Model Tesla S 85D Feature Runs Around 14 Miles Beyond Empty Charge; Is It True? [VIDEO]

Dec 05, 2016 03:49 AM EST | Jessie Valenzuela


MrFirelakeDK uploaded a video in his YouTube account, highlighting his test with Tesla S model beyond zero charge. The video lasted for 6 minutes, which shows the experimental capability of Tesla S to run beyond empty battery charge point.

In a certain part of the YouTube video clip, a warning indicator shows the remaining quantity of battery power --- which is very low. While the dashes indicate that its battery power is now beyond empty charge, Tesla S allowed the driver to continue maneuvering and reach freeway acceleration at around 10 miles. Even after then, it still kept on cruising for the next four miles at a speed of 25 miles per hour before it eventually puts Tesla S to a total halt.

On a closer detail, the vehicle runs autopilot in a rate of 110 km/h. However, it is observed that it gradually tones down as it reaches battery shortage to empty. For the entire duration of the video, it was accounted that it blew 16 kilometers at 110 km/h momentum plus 6 kilometers more at 40 km/h when it went battery low, SMART STOCK NEWS reported.

The video presentation of MrFirelakeDK apparently attracted a number of people onn YouTube --- reaching to almost half-million views from the time it was posted online and still counting. Those who were able to watch the video are curious if Tesla S engineers in the United States will take into account the feature Tesla S model carries, based on the clip, and if it goes beyond extending attributes or not, according to a blog post on autoblog.

Well, eveyone will need to wait until folks from Tesla give us their take on that. The specific variant bringing a lot of noise due to the viral video is a Danish Model Tesla S 85D. Indeed, the YouTube clip shows a big surprise about Tesla's S 85D Danish Model. Thanks to Mr. MrFirelakeDK for sharing it.

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