Lamborghini Stereo iXOOST; Here's What You Need to Know

Dec 01, 2016 01:05 PM EST | Jess E.

Fast cars and awesome sounds, what could be more rewarding than that? That's exactly what a mad scientist did to a Lamborghini stereo with the iXOOST. The new stereo makes the already badass Lamborghini move a notch higher.

Italian audio gods used a new system to retrofit the exhaust system. The replica was treated with carbon fiber, where a high-quality speaker was installed and called by the company as iXOOST.

The new 600-watt amplifier comes with a 15-inch subwoofer. This setup is nothing short of power when it comes to sounds. Some even say it's too "dramatic" to be installed in a common sedan, so it is just fitting to be installed in the Italian luxury sports car brand, according to a report.

iXOOST is the result of collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini and iXOOST, giving life to new docking station stereo speakers and further amplifying the aesthetic and sound quality of a Lamborghini. Mirco Pecorari designed the new and badass audio system called Esavox. Although the new iXOOST system called Esavox is top of the line, this system will not work for everyone. Instead, it was designed with the avid Lamborghini fanatic in mind.This new audio stereo system isn't just for listening purposes, but also amplifies the Lamborghini.

Esavox by iXOOST took two years to complete. This is due to the time spent researching to fit Esavox in the Lamborghini design. The new audio stereo system by iXOOST will sell for a hefty price tag of $24,200.

Visually speaking, ESAVOX was designed to compliment the luxury car design. Every piece of the new stereo system is using monocoque chassis, and composed of carbon fiber, according to Gizmoids. So, what are the features that users are raving about the new audio stereo system? It boasts of the Automobili Lamborghini start button with master volume control.

Esavox by iXOOST also has subwoofer control and bass reflex pressure control. It works with Bluetooth connectivity as well. At 53 kilograms, this new system is sure to catch the attention of luxury car enthusiasts whether by looks or by sound.


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