Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Introduces A New Ranger; Movie Release Date Pushed Back? [VIDEO]

Dec 01, 2016 12:11 PM EST | Vinay Patel


Looks like Power Rangers fans are in for a treat! The design for Alpha 5 in the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie surfaced online early Wednesday, Nov. 30 on IGN's Snapchat.

Although fans have been clamoring for the Power Rangers film reboot, it is the ongoing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic from BOOM! Studios that's stirring conversations among them at the moment. For those wondering why, the comic book publisher recently announced the arrival of a brand new ranger into the mix.

With this, fans got their first peek at the new robot, who lends the Power Rangers a helping hand, even if it is with an unskillful technique. Not too long ago SNL alumni Bill Hader was roped in to voice the robot, along with Bryan Cranston who reportedly plays Zordon and whose debut is currently held back. However, bearing in mind that Rita finally made an appearance in her full glory, Zordon's debut could be just around the corner, ComicBook reported.

Just like it was with Rita, this is a radical deviation in terms of design, giving the robot an almost organic appearance. Moreover, Alpha seems to feature identical texture to Megazord, if the recently surfaced images of the toy are anything to go by. Despite the major divergence from the simple design, the texture gives him a more convincing alien image this time around.

Citing the radical deviation from the original design for Rita and Alpha, fans can only hazard a guess in terms of how Zordon and Goldar will look. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie was originally slated to hit theaters July 2016; however, its release was postponed to Jan. 2017.

Fans of the live-action, superhero television series would rubber-stamp the fact that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie will be incomplete without the Zords. The Zords plays a vital role in defeating Rita Repulsa, iTech Post reported.

It is imperative for Power Rangers to have Zords or Megazord, which is the key weapon of Power Rangers. Aside from using them as they are, the weapons can also be combined together.

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