2017 GT C Coupe Release, Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster Next In Line: The Truth Behind Is Revealed

Nov 30, 2016 12:36 PM EST | Jessie Valenzuela


The official confirmation of Mercedes-AMG Head Executive Tobias Moers in the recently concluded LA Auto Show on the release of AMG GT C Coupe in 2017 holds a big speculation regarding the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster's production. 

So, what's the truth behind GT C Coupe's release Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster's production?

Moers happily confirmed that Mercedes intends to push through the availability and production stage of AMG GT C Coupe next year. Although there are no specific dates yet on its launch, it is now certain that it will happen, according to Autoblog's post with an interview they have had with the fascinating and energetic boss of Mercedes-AMG.

His interview also confirmed the alleged leakage of GT C Coupe's schedule and product roadmap early this year in July.  

Will this also hold true on the rumors that Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster is considered and will be the next on the list?

When asked on the same interview about the possibility of launching a convertible GT R, Moers just laughed and simply answered that he is not sure about it yet. Discussions to consider venturing on a convertible Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster have been in the works. He also added that as a company, a convertible GT R is a point of deliberation, but its market potential is yet to be determined.

Based on his statement, Mercedes has not yet issued any official statement about the GT R Roadster happening anytime soon. However, the assertion for that variant is possible. Although GT R seems to be not included in the leakage, it does not say what Mercedes has in store in the coming days for that potential aspect, Autoevolution blog reported.

Whether it holds true or not, the real score is that 2017 awaits the GT C Coupe's booming and possibly, 2018 to become AMG GT R Roadster's year. 

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