New Roster for Bandai Namco Soon To Be Released

Nov 29, 2016 10:47 PM EST | Sharon Joymie Raynes


A new fighter arcade game, exciting right? It is confirmed that a new roster of Bandai Namco will be release on December 1.

Children, young adults and those who are young at heart will surely be excited to know that their Bandai Namco will have a new roster starting the first of December. Surely a lot will wait for this and can't wait to try and play this game.

Talking about computer games, arcade games will surely get the attention of children, and gamers. These people are those an avid fan or a fanatic of the said kind of games. People now a days still enjoys playing arcade games using computers or game console, so this only means that this new roster of Bandai Namco will surely hit the market and get the attention of the computer and game fans. At this moment where people are very much connected and more on social media it is still good that there are still people who knows how to enjoy playing console or arcade games. It only means that this kind of games are still popular and there are still people who supports this.

Bandai Namco has been showing new Pokken Tournament Fighters during Niconico streams but then they did not confirm nor introduced it publicly according to Nintendo EverythingO. It is a good thing that fanatics of the game will have an idea that they will have something to look forward too and be excited for. Counting the days of the main launch makes people excited. They have a game to be excited for.

This new Pokemon fighter for Pokke Tournament will have this newest addition like of Croagunk, Scizor, and Darkrai. So far these characters only appeared at the Japanese version of the said game information provided by Dual Shockers.

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