Dashbot An Accesory That Will Give You Convinience When Driving [VIDEO]

Nov 30, 2016 07:37 AM EST | Sharon Joymie Raynes


People are really born to be a singer to entertain oneself, some may not be the best singer but a singer from their heart. They usually sing with a music in the background regardless of what they are doing and where they are.

In this new Dashbot a driver can be an aspiring singer. Why wish for a luxury car if your simple sedan car can be a cool car? This Dashbot is a $49 car accessory that needs only to be put on the dashboard that will allow you to be connected and interact using the mobile phone and Alexa while driving. Convenience at its finest right? This product also is like a Bluetooth speaker on steroids with a lot of functions built-in or to switch or transfer to Alexa only, faster without touching the mobile phone.

This device is being connected to the cigarette lighter port or via Aux in jack of the stereo or the other way is via Bluetooth. This one also can even hook up a wireless OBD-II sensor and read car sensor data. Information given by TC.

Dashbot will be a very convenient thing to those who are multitasking while driving. Those driver who needs to answer a phone call or even connect to the internet. This device will surely help them be more comfortable and enjoy the ride. The device also has a built-in support for your playlists, podcasts, and favourite streaming services. With a simple request, Dashbot's AI will search multiple services to find what you want to hear. This device is designed to be 100% voice controlled so the driver can focus in the steering wheel. It also announces turn-by-turn directions, reads your texts aloud, and tells you who is calling according to Kick Starter.

Looking for enjoyment and convenience then try this one!

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