North America Automakers Update: 'Mercedes Benz Diesel' Cars May Be Ditched For Good

Nov 24, 2016 07:47 AM EST | Jessie Valenzuela


Stricter policies and testing requirements placed by the Environmental Protection Agency in North America for automobile manufacturers regarding diesel certifications is creating a toll on Mercedes Benz diesel car models, as well as other automakers in the United States.

The infamous Volkswagen's deceitful indignity created high alarm, resulting to EPA's decision in ruling out stricter certification approvals on diesel engine vehicles and other diesel-type car models --- affecting all automakers in North America, most especially Mercedes-Benz. The agency now deems diesel-dependent cars as pollutant propellers, as reported on MercedesBlog.

But Mercedes-Benz still intends to work on a couple more diesel cars and crossovers in the United States, despite having low demands, while pushing to get its diesel certification back.

In one of his statements, Matthias Luehrs firmly said that Mercedes-Benz and the rest of its executives are still in the process of considering whether offering diesel-regulated vehicles is feasible in the coming days; given the requirements' insufficiency for such car types based on market trends, according to Automobile blog report.

Luers, who currently stands as Mercedes-Benz Cars' Vice President for Sales and Product Management, also added that removing diesels entirely in North America will be looked at as a theoretical alternative, should the automobile market dictate it to happen.

While Mercedes-Benz always puts its customers on top priority, that mindset has left them to halt any positive conclusion for its car production; and instead, deal with the scandal Volkswagen has caused to Mercedes Benz diesel cars' brand identity.

Despite the rigorous process to get the certification cleared and supported by EPA, Mercedes' optimism on the chances of GLS350d, GLC, and GLE SUV's applications getting approved gives the company hope of being able to continuously provide diesel cars in the future. But just last month, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that by 2017, the company will discontinue production of its C-Class diesel in the US.

Apparently, it was expected that focusing more on brand identity may cause Mercedes Benz diesel cars and other diesel-dependent car models being ditched for good in the coming months and succeeding years.

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