4 Virtual Reality Headsets Under $30

Nov 14, 2016 02:05 AM EST | Jess F.

Virtual reality and augmented reality games and gadgets are going mainstream today. And with that, the gadgets needed to enjoy AR and VR are also getting more and more affordable. Today, there are VR headsets that cost not more than $30!

Unless a person is living under a rock, anyone on Earth could have heard about Facebook's Oculus Rift and other high-tech brands and their virtual reality gadgets. Some sell together with handphone units like the Samsung VR Gear and some can be bought on their own.

It has proven to be useful in many fields such as science and space explorations. "Beyond practical uses for training, virtual reality offers us a compelling method to share the work we've been doing to design sustainable human missions and to inspire the next generation of pioneers in space," Jason Crusan, Director of NASA's Advanced Exploration Systems Division said in a press release about the importance of virtual reality technologies.

Aside from the interesting point-of-view perspective given by these virtual reality consoles and headsets, there is another common factor among the best VR gadgets in the market today, and that is the price. They all seem to cost too much thus preventing many people from being able to afford one. However, thanks to these new companies, the virtual reality headsets can also become a reality because of their quality and reasonable prices.

Here are some of the cheapest and the best virtual reality headsets anyone can buy in the market today.

1.      VR headset for movies -  Baofeng Mojing XD

Virtual reality works best for movie watching and developers are well aware of that. They created Baofeng Mojing XD to give the public an enhanced VR movie viewing experience.

The field of view is 60 degrees and it works even for older phone models and retails for only $22 on Aliexpress.com.

2.     Cardboard Type VR headset

This generic cardboard type virtual reality headset features a DIY step by step guide on how to turn a typical cardboard with specialized lenses to an innovative VR device. Cardboard type might be the cheapest but it doesn't skimp on the function. They work well, too! These sell for only $5 to $7 online.

3.     Do away with the box with the Homido Mini

Most VR headset uses the boxed type design to be able to view virtual reality content. But the Homido Mini would want to do away with that.

It comes in a sunglasses-like design with the VR lenses, which is the most important part of the VR technology. This small version even folds in half making it easier to carry around. Anyone can find it for $15 on Amazon.

4.     Classier VR headset - POWIS

This is a good and cheap alternative the cardboard design that makes it a more viable option since it won't melt away in extreme weather conditions. The Powis custom viewer can be ordered in bulk and the buyer may have the luxury of getting personalized markings, too. This retails for $30 on Amazon.

Whether the material is made up of cardboard, plastic or sturdier ones, the important thing is they work. And if someone is interested in experiencing virtual reality but is short in the budget department, they can opt for the cheaper ones that work just the same as their expensive counterparts.


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