BMW I3 Second Generation Now On Its Way, But When Will It Debut?

Nov 11, 2016 04:38 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

The second generation BMW i3 is already on its way and is planned to receive major improvements to strengthen the status of the car in the EV market. This is confirmed by BMW i3 Project Manger, Heinrich Schwackhoefer but also express that the real question here is when.

BMW i3 2016 - 60,000 Units Sold

The i3 is the first electric car series production of BMW and that although it only has sold 60,000 units since its debut late 2013, it brought a decent amount of new customers to the blue and white roundel corner, customers that may not have been interested in a traditional BMW before especially when they gave the 2017 BMW i3 a facelift and introduced the new 94 Ah battery BMW i3 range extender.

"It’s not the sentiment within the company that it’s been a failure, absolutely not at all. The ‘i’ sub-brand is stable and you can count on a successor to the i3, but I cannot say when that will be. ” said Schwackhoefer.

The question now is when the successor of this car will arrive, as it should be noted that according to BMW's electric vehicle plan, the third car on its "i" line will be presented before 2020 and therefore, the 2nd generation i3 should debut on or before 2019 so to give way on the new product, according to Top Speed.

Possible BMW i3 Second Generation

Recall that recently the Germans introduced the first update of importance that has affected this car with the presentation of the BMW i3 2017 .

In its first update, the i3 released a more powerful battery called 94Ah, with which you can achieve up to 300 km. Thanks to this item, the BMW i3 is placed between the 10 electric cars with more autonomy market and not in any position, is situated in fourth place and is only surpassed by the newly renovated 2017 Renault Zoe and the considerably more expensive Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, both over 600 and 500 km of autonomy between charges, respectively.

Now, the future BMW i3 might be considerably larger than the current to attract more buyers. Of course, an even newer battery pack is also a possibility. Plus some design changes that would make the car more attractive, according to BMW Blog

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