Apple iCar Project Titan Is It Penultimately Cancelled?; Tech Company's Loss Leads To Tesla And Ford's Gain

Nov 07, 2016 06:18 AM EST | Johanna Vanessa Anasco


Apple just saw the departure of three key staff members. Collin Smith, Michaela Johndrow and Sarah O'Brien just left the giant tech firm. The three will pursue opportunities in the automotive manufacturing sector.

This adds more weight on speculations that 'Project Titan' may have already been penultimately canceled. Perhaps, it will just be delayed until further notice?

Where Are They Headed?

Two of them are set to work for Ford. Johndrow and Smith will pursue separate ventures at the Michigan-based automaker's firm.

Smith has been Apple's communications director for Mac's apps, hardware, and software for seven years. Whereas, Johndrow was a former communications team member.

What Will They Do Now?

At Ford Smith will contribute to Ford's growing research and innovation facility. His role was described as a fusion between business development that also handles communications for the firm.

Johndrow, on the other hand, will manage communications. The focus of her work will be electric vehicles in the North American region.

O'Brien will still be based in California. She will now be Senior Director of Communications under Tesla Motors. She used to be under Apple's communication team, which handles the apple watch, iPhone, and iTunes.

The Verge was first to quickly spill the updates about Apple's staff roster. It is very unlikely to have this shift from the technology to the car-making industry between employees. However, the self-driving car hype perhaps has fused the two industries together.

A Ford Self-Driving Car?

Tesla has started and has made self-driving cars mainstream. Ford appears to be driving towards car automation too, according to BBC. The latter hired a Silicon Valley expert to join their team, according to Fortune.

Laura Merling has been working on machine learning and connected devices. The hiring of the Silicon Valley executive was seen as Ford's affirmation of its sudden dedication toward self-driving cars.

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We've indeed reached the "future." Where self-driving cars are no longer decades away. We've also reached a sustainable development awareness, evident with the increase of demand for EVs.

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