Ford GT40 Goes On A Spin, Puts GoPro Features To Shame

Nov 07, 2016 08:00 AM EST | Leian N.

With several awards under its name, the recent Ford GT40 was considered as the brand's take on racing competitions. After defeating the Ferrari during the Le Mans cup, what does the latest model have under the hood which was also considered under the spotlight during SEMA 2016?

The MK 1 GT40 was Ford's flagship model that took out the Ferrari at the Le Mans cup with its V8 engine. Just recently, the car drove at Autodromo Riccardo Paletti Varano de' Melgari, Italy where it astounded the fans with its loud sound and exceptional specs while it was recorded on video. In fact, a fan suggested that the trending GoPro product could not have recorded the sound and the speed any better. What made it astonishing?

The Specs

The model was deemed to be lighter this time around and is 289s lighter than its predecessor. It was recorded to house 327hp and was powered by a V8 engine. Although these specs suggested the car to be a racing unit, the Ford GT40 was actually a road car, reported Jalopnik.

The model has been maintained by the Shelby American team. It is now powered by a 7.0L V8 engine, is able to produce 485hp and 475lb-ft of torque. It has also been installed with a Lola chassis and is made up of fiberglass body rides that improved its performance and endurance compared to that of the Ferrari.

SEMA 2016

The Ford GT40 was also featured at the SEMA 2016 event wherein it was labeled as a factory ready race car. Inspired by the Ford Mustang GT350R-C model, it embodied the racing features of the Continental Sports Car Challenge GT class champion, reported Speed Hunters.

Nowadays, the car has been renamed as the Ford GT4 wherein the dry-sump oiling system has also improved its high-G runs. With better Hollinger speed-speed Multimatic feature installed with 16x11in Forgeline wheels and a Bosch Motorsport MS6.0 ECU and MoTeC dash logger, the latest version of the Ford GT40 has been considered as the best version of it yet.

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