Donald Trump Fans Boo Amy Schumer: What Happened?

Oct 18, 2016 09:26 AM EDT | Louise

It has been a long time since the start of the election campaigns of the 45th Presidential candidates, that are most popular for having people who based each other's candidates. Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton are the names of the most popular topics on social media recently.

Never has it been a day that goes by without their names popping up on social media feeds, news of supporters protesting, bashing, making jokes and talking dirty about the opponent's supporters. Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who is running congress has taken so many supporters as well as haters during the campaign.

In recent events, stand-up comedienne Amy Schumer, who is known as the star, creator, and producer of the sketch comedy series "Inside Amy Schumer." She held a show in Tampa, Florida on Sunday. The comedic show turned into a disappointment to some fans or rather Trump supporters.

The show started with hilarious jokes until it became more inclined with current situations such involving the Republican presidential candidate. Presidential jokes are always a major topic on stand-up comedy platforms or any other shows regarding comedies. But what happened was there where Trump supporters who didn't agree with the comedienne's joke.

Schumer took one volunteer from the audience to the stage and asked him why the fan supports Trump. After the fan answered her, she immediately asked him to take a seat and continued with a joke saying: " "He doesn't seem like a psychopath." After some quips, Schumer then jokingly referred to Trump as an "orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster," which caused the audience to react and booed the comedienne on stage.

The comedienne retorted: "Of course, we're in Florida, you're going to boo." After which, Schumer continued talking about her two-year-old niece, as well as about the presidential candidate saying: "This is our president. He wants to finger his daughter."

Schumer is an avid Hillary Clinton supporter. With this in mind, Donald Trump supporters felt insulted and disappointed of what happened. Here's a video of what went down during the show:

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