Cuphead Video Game: A Game That Sends One In Trip Down Memory Lane

Oct 14, 2016 04:31 AM EDT | Louise

Cuphead an entirely new level of gaming, by this it means not HD graphic, 3D visuals, humanly hero RPG's, but something even more different - yet an interesting state of the art kind of game. A game that will take us back to the 1930's, but not to worry it isn't black and white.

The game is about an adventure of two cups with a body, who are running off to a fantasy world where they fight against bad bosses in a form of ridiculous but hilarious looking creatures. They have powers that they use against the creatures to win. They will travel around the world, collecting powers and saving the lands.

Why be interested in such a cartoon looking game? Here is why, in the gaming world every developer is competing against each other to release the best HD, high-level gaming with max graphics and best hero models, making all the games being released in the same year, almost similar to one another except for the storyline. This is according to Game Spot, is where the Cuphead comes in since the developers created a unique game based on the 30's cartoons, it will make it somewhat different than all the others, probably this game will remind the gamers of Super Mario Bros., Metal Gear, B-Wings and among others.

A sneak peek of the cup head's official site, as said earlier the game, is basically a cartoon inspired, traditional that is, created by drawings and watercolors. The background music will be an original jazz recording. So far, these are all the information we have. As to the release date, it is said to be delayed until mid-2017, it may take longer but it will definitely be worth the wait.

The game will be available to PC gamers who have Windows 10 or Steam Accounts, and most especially to Xbox One gamers.

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