Tesla Model 3 Release Date, News & Updates: Alleged Photos of Musk's Affordable EV Leaked

Oct 01, 2016 04:18 AM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco

Tesla's Model 3 delivery has been moved to 2018. It's Asian release date set on 2019. Leaked photos, allegedly from its production facility in Fremont, hit the web.

It was earlier speculated that Tesla may have already set the start of production date on July 2017, for its 2017 Model 3 EV. However, Elon Musk gave an implied statement about the expected volume production.

"Will we actually be able to achieve volume production on July 1 next year? Of course not," he said.

There were high expectations towards Tesla Model 3's release. Any details that were released quickly anchored fans' attention, such as the leaked images from Fremont. It was also speculated that delivery in Asia will precede North America's. There are others who also expressed their theory on how Tesla will go by its Model 3 rollout. 

However, Musk's exact words, "The date we are setting with suppliers to get to a volume production capability with the Model 3 is July 1 next year," seems to suggest that it is just the start, or rather the delivery date given to Tesla suppliers.

Hence, the actual production will not start on Jul. 1, 2017. This will still depend on their suppliers' ability to deliver the parts for the vehicle.

The Tesla Model 3's delayed delivery was due to the complexity of the automobile production process, according to Musk. He explained that "The reason is that even if 99 percent of the internally produced items and supplier items are available on July 1..."

He continued, "we still cannot produce the car because you cannot produce a car that is missing one percent of its components." As a pre-cautionary move, Musk said that there will be a penalty for suppliers who will fail to meet the deadline.

Musk admitted that, "So the reality is that the volume production will then be some number of months later as we solve the supply chain and internal production issues."

This explanation may have hinted that previous manufacturing problems of its Model X have become a setback for its Model 3. It is recalled just last May, Tesla announced the upcoming departure of two key executives, reported Bloomberg.

Greg Reichow, Tesla's Vice-President for Production and Josh Ensign Vice-President of Manufacturing, were set to leave. Quality and production problems have recently plagued its recent Tesla Model X release.

 Really it's my fault for thinking the #Tesla #ModelX could sense a three foot wide concrete pillar.

A photo posted by mike (@mike_magrath) on Apr 13, 2016 at 7:16pm PDT

However, Musk took the initiative to fill the void left by his former colleagues. He has literally been sleeping in their production facility at Fremont, Mashable stated.

The Model X was recalled last April. It had safety issues on its third-row seats. A lot of complaints just poured.

An 'Instagram' user, that goes by 'mike_magrath' posted a photo. It showed that his rear door couldn't fully open due to a concrete pillar.

These problems hopefully will not pose as a future threat to Tesla's upcoming Model 3 release. Everyone appeared to be on their toes about Tesla's most affordable EV to date.

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