Check '' Now for DNS Changer Malware: Malicious Computer Virus May Kill Your Internet Monday

Jul 06, 2012 08:08 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

Malicious software may prevent infected computers from connecting to Internet starting Monday, July 9. PC users are advised to check their system immediately whether they have DNS Changer malware or not.

DNS Changer malware had been around since 2007, created by seven hackers who wanted to redirect people’s traffic to rogue servers so that they could generate revenue from advertising companies. In 2011, FBI arrested the six Estonian hackers, who reportedly raised $14 million by their illegitimate method.

Since the arrest, FBI has requested the court to allow legitimate DNS servers to remain in operation so that the infected computers will have chance to clean the malware before losing the Internet. The servers were planned to shut down in March, but it had been extended to July 9.

According to FBI’s estimate, around 64,000 computers in United States and 300,000 worldwide may still be infected by the malicious software. When FBI’s temporary DNS server shuts down on Monday, the users of infected system will not be able to connect to Internet.

The good news is checking and removing the malware is simple.

FBI has recommended DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG) to check if your computer is infected. Simply click the provided link, which does not require any download or scan. If the link does not work, copy-paste If your background is green, then you are safe. If it is red, follow the cleanup instruction, or you may lose your Internet next Monday.

Google and Facebook have set up notifications on their site, and Internet providers Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon are contacting their customers as well. If your Internet stops on Monday, FBI suggested the users to contact their Internet provider for the next step.

So is your computer green or red?

Update: Thousands Survived the "Internet Doomsday". Contact Internet Service Provider if still Infected.

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